Welcome to Riverside Athletics!


leeWelcome to Riverside Academy Athletics.  It is my privilege to oversee the Rebels athletic department with its rich history of athletic excellence.  We feel athletics is an important component of the total student experience at Riverside, where our student-athletes can learn life lessons through competition and teamwork.  Our school offers a full slate of athletic opportunities, beginning in elementary and middle school, and our students are encouraged to participate in multiple sports to strengthen their bodies, their minds and their spirits.  Studies have shown that student athletes who compete in multiple sports suffer fewer injuries, develop better skills, build more self-confidence, and remain engaged in the enjoyment of competition.  Athletics is a vehicle to educate the whole child and produce productive citizens who are prepared for a life after high school.

Our athletes are held to high standards both on and off the playing field.  They must follow a code of conduct to earn the privilege of wearing the Riverside name and representing our school.  Athletes also must perform in the classroom.  To assist in that, we have instituted a new after school tutoring program to help improve academic performance and to reiterate the importance of their classroom instruction.

We have gathered an outstanding staff of coaches to maintain those standards and instruct our students as they grow from elementary to high school.  We want your child to grow with us on and off of the field.  I look forward to mentoring all current and future Rebels and helping them become a part of Riverside’s legacy.  If you have any questions about our program, do not hesitate to call us or schedule a visit.


Coach Lee Roussel

Athletic Director


Riverside Academy Athletics is proudly sponsored by Ochsner.