Riverside Middle School students are instructed by many of the same teachers who mentor our Dual-Enrollment classes. Our 6th and 7th grade students rotate through six classes with their homeroom to prepare them for the transition to high school. Eighth grade students experience seven instructional periods per day, identical to our high school students.

The curriculum for our 6th & 7th grade students includes core subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education. Electives include Writing Enrichment, Math Enrichment, and Band. Eighth grade students complete the same core subjects, with Louisiana History filling the Social Studies component and Journey to Careers as an added elective.

At RA, we emphasize extracurricular participation as it has proven to boost student’s confidence when they feel part of the Rebel Family. Middle school students participating on high school athletics teams are given the opportunity to attend Athletic P.E./Performance Training classes where they are introduced to techniques utilized in our year-round strength & conditioning program. Beginning in seventh grade, students enrolled in Intermediate Band are full-fledged members of the Marching Pride of Riverside and march in all band events including parades, competitions, and football games.

In 8th grade our advanced students are given the opportunity to enroll in three core honors classes to begin their high school careers early. The core subjects include English, Math, and Science. These select 8th grade students will be in class with our freshmen honors students for those three periods of the day.

Challenging Curriculum

The State Department of Education Curriculum Guide serves only as a minimal standard. Teachers modify the curriculum to assure each student is challenged.

The Learning Center

Staffed with a full-time tutor, The Learning Center is designed to meet the needs of exceptional learners at both ends of the spectrum. Students needing reinforcement of basic skills, as well as those achieving above their grade level, participate in extra learning opportunities.

Academic Enrichment

Offers students a chance to discover and promote their art abilities while reviewing academic lessons. Students participate in art-integrated activities with a full time staff member.


Students are given the opportunity to begin music lessons with our band director. Each year students play an instrument and make progress towards participating in the full marching band.

Physical Education

Learning to take care of your body and appropriate exercise is important in the elementary and middle school years. Our program is designed to promote the President’s Physical Fitness Award.

Science Lab

Students are exposed to hands-on science not only through their classroom teachers but also through labs with a high school science teacher and students.