Welcome to the Forms and Handouts Page!

Here you will find important forms and handouts passed out to students or shared on our social media outlets. If you are having trouble locating a specific form, please contact the front office at 985-536-4246.

Lunch Calendars

The PayForIt.net lunch program has been replaced by PaySchoolsCentral.com. Your username and password will remain the same and you can continue to add money on to your child’s lunch account. Please read the letter regarding this new program and how to create a new account here –>  PAYSCHOOLS CENTRAL

New Students will receive a username on Start up Day – Monday, August 5th. Our Cafeteria Coordintor, Mrs. Lee Dupepe, will be available for questions.

Each month the lunch calendar will be posted here for your convenience.

August Lunch

September Lunch

October Lunch

November Lunch

December Lunch

January Lunch

February Lunch

March Lunch

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